Anticipated erosional areas, between the current 2020 and anticipated 2050 Mean High Water Spring tide lines, based on a High Emissions Scenario sea level rise projection (RCP8.5, 95 percentile) and 'do nothing' coastal management approach. Shoreline retreat is limited by underlying physical susceptibility model (the UPSM of Fitton et al., 2017) and up to 25m of erosion is premitted at known artificial coastal defences. Dataset includes Erosion Area (areas seawards of the 2050 projected position of Mean High Water Springs), Erosion Influence (a 10m landward buffer of the projected position of 2050 MHWS) and Erosion Vicinity (a further 50m landward buffer on Erosion Influence). This data contains the intersect values for society's assets (lengths of roads (km), areas of designates sites (ha)). Further explanation available within Technical Summary WS2, via

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